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AMD Will officially take over the top performance crown from Intel on November 5th, 2020.

Introducing The AMD Ryzen 5000 Series. AMD has captured the performance crown in each platform.

The Ryzen5 5600x Features 6 cores and 12 threads @ 3.6ghz 4.6ghz Boost. The Ryzen7 5800X is an 8 Core 16 thread CPU with 3.7ghz and 4.7ghz Boost. The Ryzen9 5900X will feature 12 cores and 24 threads @ 3.7ghz and 4.8ghz Boost and the Flagship Ryzen9 5950X 16 core 32 thread Record setting CPU. For the first time in 15 years AMD is on top of the world’s CPU performance.

Be one of the first to own one of these record setting CPUs. Let us build your new system paired with new technology like super fast PCI-e 4.0 and super fast M.2 storage. Next generation performance is waiting for you. “Get Yours Today”

Masterbox TD500

AMD Ryzen9 5950X 16 core CPU 32 threads @ 4.9GHZ Max, Unlocked!

32gb DDR4 3600 mhz Ram,

1 TB. M.2 SSD

Windows 10 64 bit,

Coolermaster Mid. Tower case,

Starting with 4 Monitor support

600 Watt modular power supply,

4 Monitor Support Out Of The Box!

Asrock x570 Chip set premium motherboard

Regular Price $2395.00 for the 5950X 16 Core 32 Thread@ 4.9 Max CPU,

“Get Yours Today”

Hardware for Demo only

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 4 monitor support out of the box.

$1795.00 + Shipping

The AMD 5900X is a 12 core 24 thread @ 3.7Ghz and 4.8ghz Max Boost Unlocked! CPU. This is the high end of the mainstream premium Chip line,

Featuring 16GB DDR4 3600Mhz Quad Channel Ram,

500 GB M.2 SSD,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

600 Watt Power supply,

ATX x570 Chipset featuring WiFi, Bluetooth 5.0 and 7.1 premium sound,

4 Monitor support,

Thermaltake Tempered Glass Mid-Tower Case,

$1895.00 + Shipping

Intel i5-9600k 6 Core  CPU @ 4.6GHZ Turbo ,

16GB DDR4 3400 mhz Dual Channel Ram,

500 GB  SSD,

Noctua CPU Cooler for extreme performance,

Windows 10  and optimized for performance,

Lian ITX Tower,

500 Watt Modular Power Supply ,

 Asrock ITX Motherboard 3 Monitor support ,

Prices Start @  Tax included $975  + Shipping*,

                        Price with 8 Monitor Support $1155.00 + Shipping

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AMD ThreadRipper 2920X

AMD Threadripper 2920X 12 Core 24 Thread CPU Base Clock 3.5 Ghz 4.3 Ghz Max Boost CPU,

16Gb DDR4 3200Mhz Dual Channel Ram,

Liquid Cooling For The CPU For Optimal Performance,

750 Watt Power Supply ,

Asrock Premium ATX Motherboard Featuring 2 High Speed LAN Ports,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

GTX 1050 Ti Graphic Card with 4 Monitor Support,

500Gb M.2 High Speed SSD (Solid State Drive),

Price $2200.00 + Actual FedEx Ground Insured Shipping est. $70-$100 Continental U.S,

Price $2400.00 For 8 Monitor Support + Shipping,

“Get Yours Today”

Get Yours Today

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WhiplashPC I7-10700

Intel Core i7-10700  8-Core, 16 Threads 2.9 GHz (4.8GHz Turbo) 

 16GB Corsair DDR4 3200 MHZ Dual Channel Ram RGB,

Mid-tower Case,

Evga 650 Watt  Modular Power supply,

Asrock Mini ATX Premium z490 Motherboard featuring, WiFi and High Speed Bluetooth,

1 TB  High Speed SSD (Solid State Drive),

Windows 10 64 Bit  Pre-installed and optimized,

This High End Configuration Has Several Multi-Monitor Support Options

Configured as a Stock/Futures Trading PC

3 monitor support. $1450.00 +Shipping

Whether your thinking about trading the markets or managing your own financial portfolio. You do not want to spend too much to get started. Whiplash PC has you covered with two great performing entry level 3 monitor support systems to choose from. Whether you prefer AMD or Intel you cannot go wrong with a whiplash PC professional trading system. Want to learn how to trade stock or futures? Check out daytradingradio.com For more information, ask about a free 2 week trial. An online trader community awaits you.

AMD Ryzen 3 3200G or Intel i3-9100

8GB DDR4 3400mhz Dual Channel Ram,

AMD or Intel Based 3 monitor support motherboard,

400 Watt Power supply,

Windows 10 64 bit,

Thermaltake Core V21 Case

250GB M.2 SSD

Priced @ $845 + Shipping FedEx Ground insured.

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Corsair 570X

AMD Ryzen 7 3800XT 8 core 16 thread CPU 4.7 Ghz Max Boost

3 Monitor Support.

650 Watt Modular Power Supply.

AMD x570 Chipset ATX Motherboard with WiFi and Bluetooth.

32GB DDR4 Quad Channel Ram

Windows 10 64 Bit Fully optimized.

500 GB M.2 SSD

Corsair 570X Crystal Mid Tower Case Beautiful Tempered Glass.

$1800.00 + Shipping FedEx Ground Insured.

AMD Ryzen 5 3600XT

5 Monitor support, Bluetooth and WiFi.

Fast Stable and Dependable Performance 5 Monitor support

WhiplashPC AMD RYZEN 5-3600XT 6 Core 12 Thread @ 4.5GHZ Max , Unlocked!

16GB DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

500 GB M.2  SSD,

Windows 10 Optimized for performance,

Corsair Mid Tower Case,

600 Watt Power Supply ,

 Asrock ATX X570 Chip-Set Motherboard ,

5 Monitor support,

Prices Start @  $1250 + Shipping

Configured as a Stock/Futures Trading PC

Are you trader? Maybe you would like to be? Whether your an experienced trader or just starting out, Check out daytradingradio.com. Its a great place to learn about trading, bounce ideas off other experienced traders in the chat room. With a live video screen, Rockstar “Johnny” broadcasts the markets with an educational commentary, Guests and good music making trading fun again. Ask for a free 10 day trial.

Just Because Its COOL!

Intel i5-9600k 8 Monitor support with Bluetooth and WiFi.

Open Air Cases,Tempered Glass Sides

Configured as a Stock/Futures Trading PC

Intel i5-9600k 6 core CPU@ 4.6ghz,

16GB DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

650 Watt Power Supply,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

InWin DFrame Mini Case,

Asrock Itx Motherboard,

500GB M.2 SSD,

8 Monitor Support,


$1495.00 + Shipping

WhiplashPC Ultimate Power AMD

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core 64 Thread 4.5 GHz Max Boost!

32 GB DDR4 3600Mhz Quad Channel Ram

Liquid Cooling For The CPU For Optimal Performance,

750 Watt Power Supply White,

Asrock Premium ATX Motherboard featuring two high-speed LAN ports WiFi 2.4gbps Bluetooth 5.0

Corsair Crystal 570X mid tower Case,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

Amd Radeon Graphics 5 monitor support,

1 TB High Speed SSD M.2

Configured as a Stock/Futures Trading PC

Price $4199.00 + shipping

“Get Yours Today”

Here at Whiplash PC we have been building high speed gaming PCs since 1992 as a local family business. I am also a equities trader and built my own trading systems for several years. I realized that traders and gamers want the same thing out of their PC. Speed, dependability and lightning fast execution to give them every competitive advantage. Whether you make a living trading the markets, manage portfolios or you just want to dominate your friends in the latest PC game. You can not afford down time or missed entries and exits due to poor execution or faulty hardware or lag. WhiplashPC went online in 2011 to provide a much needed service to my fellow traders. We as traders have over paid for trading system long enough. We have a modest build fee and enormous pride in our systems.Our PCs are built using only the highest quality hardware and I will not build on low end hardware to compete with competitors. We have tweaked and tested so many configurations over the years and we know the holy grail of hardware. Traders and avid PC Gamers demand that competitive edge. Let us here at WhiplashPC help you build your dream PC.