We specialize in custom trading and high end gaming PCs. Let us help you build your dream PC. If you don’t see the system your looking for We will build from ground up around your specific needs.

We have taken $100 off of every build on the site to give you the best price possible. These prices wont last long so if your thinking about an upgrade now is the time to purchase your new trading system.

   ON Sale Now


WhiplashPC Intel I5 9600k  6 Core 3.7 ghz base 4.6ghz Turbo Boost,

500 GB Samsung M.2 SSD,

16 GB DDR4 Dual Channel Ram,

Mid-tower Coolermaster k500 Tempered Glass Case ,

Windows 10 64 Bit,

Asrock Premium ATX Latest Intel Motherboard,

Prices start with   3  Monitor Support,

550 Watt Supernova Gold Power Supply,

 Starting Price for 3 monitor support $1100.00 + Shipping  

On Sale now, can add up to 9 monitor support call for pricing,



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