Newest RockStar

Gen 9 Rockstar Configuration

This build is a tribute to the founder and on air host of’s “Daytrader RockStar”

Are you trader? Maybe you would like to be? whether your an experienced trader or just starting out. Check out Its a great place to learn about trading or bounce ideas off other experienced traders in the chat room. With a live video screen, Rockstar “Johnny” broadcast the markets with an educational commentary, guest and good music making trading fun again. ask for a free 10 day trial.

This system features the updated hardware and the latest in technology. The most powerful version of the RockStar Comes with 7 monitor support out of the box.

Corsair 680X

Intel i9-9900k CPU 8 Core 16 Threads @ 5.0 GHZ,

32GB DDR4 3600Mhz Quad Channel Ram,

500Gb M.2SSD,

windows 10 64 Bit,

8 GB GDDR5 Dedicated Video Memory,

Asrock ATX Premium Motherboard,

750 Watt Fully Modular Power Supply ,

Liquid Cooling For CPU AIO Cooler 280mm Radiator,Liquid Cooling For CPU,

Corsair 680X ATX Case Maximum Cooling, Tempered Glass Sides,

7 Monitor Support out of the Box with Wifi and Bluetooth,

Configured as a Stock/Futures Trading PC

$2175.00, All Prices do Not include Shipping.